At SGS Pest Management, we offer customized pest management services for the Agri-Food Sector. We have a qualified, trained, and committed team offering customized and personalized services.

  • Rodent Management

    Let us provide a customized rodent management program for your facility.
    Weekly, monthly or bi monthly service frequencies are provided and customized to each operations requirements.
    We can also provide professional equipment, products and consulting to the Agri-food community.
    We specialize in HACCP /RBC/ ISO / FSSC facilities and can provide all the mapping, monitoring and reporting required any level of accreditation

Rodent Management
  • SGS Pest Management

    Insect Management

    Monitoring, Inspections, Reporting,

    Residual spray treatments, Fogging

    Indian meal moth (IMM):
    Pheromone monitoring Program

Insect Management
  • Fumigation Services and Sales

    Canadian Distributor: FUMITOXIN

    Grain Bins, Silos, Wagons, Truck Lots
    Stacks, Containers, Rail Cars, etc…

Fumigation Services and Sales

We are a specialized pest management company for the agri-food sector. Our pest management services will be customized to your needs.


  • Equine Pest Management

    Rodent Management

    Fly Management

    Fly Lights & Aerosols

Equine Pest Management
  • SGS Pest Management

    Protect~It Dusting and Sales

    Custom dusting service using our portable gas powered air compressor or hand held electric dusters.
    5 Kg Boxes
    Consulting and recommendations for proper dosage and application

Protect~It Dusting and Sales
  • Plant Audits

    We specialize in HACCP, BRC ,ISO, FSSC facilities and can provide plant audits and consulting with respect to the pest management component of your program

Plant Audits
  • SGS Pest Management

    Consulting and Supplies

Consulting and Supplies