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Professional customized pest management for the Agri-Food sector for 40+ Years

SGS COVID-19 Policy

Our Office is currently CLOSED to the General Public.
Call 519-692-4232 to arrange Curbside Pickup

We continue to safely work as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE keeping Food and Feed supplies SAFE for Canadians

A high percentage of our customers are involved in the Canadian Food and Feed chain.

SGS provides an essential service to these operations to ensure the quality of their products.

And therefore the quality of Canadian food and feed during this critical time

During these trying times we have to do our part by:

Practicing Social Distancing

Practicing Extreme Sanitation

Self-Monitoring for symptoms

And self-quarantine only if required

We maintain that the health and well-being of our employees and customers is our priority followed by keeping our customers’ needs met so they can provide essential food and feed products flowing.



SGS Pest Management has a record of over 40 years in the field of pest management in Ontario, Canada.

We are a fully license and insured pest management company.
All our trained technicians are licensed by the Ministry of the Environment.

We continuously train our team on current pest management methods and technologies.

We pride ourselves on safe, effective, and friendly service specific to each customer’s needs.

Our Core Customers

SGS Pest Management

PEST MANAGEMENT SERVICES for Cash Crop, Dairy, Poultry, Swine, Cattle Farms, Equine Facilities, and many more...

DIY Supplies-Rodenticides & Equipment

SGS Pest Management
Agri-Food Industries
Agri-Food Industries

Pest Management Services for Flour Mills, Ingredient Plants,Fruit/Vegetable Production Plants, Greenhouses,Mico-Breweries, Bakeries, Bird Seed Plants, and many more

SGS Pest Management
Grain Elevators
Grain Elevators

Rodent Management

Fumigation Services

Bird Control


SGS Pest Management
Home Owners
Home Owners

Exterior Rodent Management

Spiders, Fleas, Ants etc...

DYI Products

Professional Pest Management Services customized to your operation.

We can supply pesticides and equipment to authorized users.

* A Canadian Distributor for FUMITOXIN, aluminium phospide fumigants *